How can I help?


The services on the following pages, for:

…are all offered to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups grow more quickly. The Creative Development offerings are also useful for larger companies who want to augment or direct the work of their agencies.

Of course Agencies in need of more creative capacity are also welcome as clients.

I offer two levers of value:  1) The capacity to communicate more often, and 2) The skill to do it distinctively and memorably.  These levers work together to produce great business results.

Look at your own in-box or social feed, or listen to your radio on your commute. It’s very likely your personal favorites bring a mix of the familiar and new. They’re not predictable, yet they have a distinctive identity and presence that appeals immediately, and over time. The challenge today — in our era of almost infinite consumer choice — is creating a voice people want to listen to.  Then you want to hold the attention you’ve earned, by continuously delivering engaging, fresh material.

This is the dual magic, of quality and quantity, that persuades people to choose to watch, read, or listen to your messages. I can help you or your business develop a voice that people eagerly look forward to hearing. I’ll bring a storyteller’s touch, 35 years of business savvy, and off-the-charts copywriting skill to your most difficult business challenges, and biggest opportunities.

I usually begin business relationships with a brief discovery call to figure out how I can help you address immediate objectives. Once we’ve done that, I’m always happy to reconvene and see if we can’t shoot for some truly audacious goals — because that’s where the fun really begins.

Just visit my contact page, and I’ll be in touch right away.