Creative Development


Get on-target, on-brief creative from:

  • Your agency
  • Your team
  • Me

I’ve heard the same scary stories from too many brand strategists, managers, and marketing professionals. How do you hold advertising agencies accountable?

Let me help you get your business and creative requirements focused and articulated,  so you can get the very best from your agency or in-house production team.

I also work with designers, videographers, and web-specialists who can help put together entire campaigns for you. Banner ads, display ads, social campaigns and themes, Facebook ads, videos….  You name it, my partners and I can get it done for you, and you’ll be very pleased with the results and the price.

Whether I’m finishing the work for you, or your agency is bringing it all home, these outputs will guide your creative so it lands precisely where you want it:

  • Briefs  The right brief inspires your creative team and sets clear expectations and boundaries. You get much better work, much faster, and you DON’T get sandbagged.
  • Manifestos  “If your brand could talk.” Well, it should. Weaving a little poetry into the prose, a great manifesto offers a perfect balancing point between expressing requirements and the creative itself. When manifestos are right on, they can pay creative dividends for years.
  • Concepts  Get a clear picture of what the creative ideas are all about — get lots of them. Then augment and refine the best. Don’t wait months to be underwhelmed or deflated by the BIG PITCH.
  • Stories  Find the people and the stories that make your product or service come to life for your target audience. It’s easier than you think, and it’s the eye opener almost every brand or business needs. Find out why one brand director called this exercise “The most satisfying experience I’ve ever had in my career.”
  • Research Stimuli  Develop them before your focus group convenes, then keep refining and creating behind the glass. Productivity, Peanut M&M’s, and insight! What’s not to like?

I love this kind of work, and you will too. That’s why my phone’s on vibrate for these.