E Mail & Social Content



Let me help you with Email:

  • Get more SUBSCRIBERS
  • DIVERSIFY your list
  • Talk more OFTEN
  • Talk ONE-TO-ONE
  • CONVERT more business

I can help you become a consistent source of involving, shareable content for your followers. With the capacity I add for more content, you can also further segment or diversify your mailing list(s), tuning content specifically for various subgroups within your audience.

I’ll develop your voice and learn your material quickly, giving you the ability to engage your audience more frequently, with unfaltering quality. If your in-box has taken over your out-box…drop me a line.


…and Social

  • Become a PRESENCE
  • Get more LOVE
  • REACH beyond friends & family
  • Grow SHARES — they’re like hotels in Monopoly®
  • Distribute LIGHTHOUSE material and grow your subscriber list

For too many small businesses, social is a “friends & family” affair.  If you have a loyal group of employees or relatives barely keeping your Social hopes alive, let’s talk.

Smaller companies have a big advantage over the big guys on Social — use that advantage well, and you may grow into one of those bigger guys sooner than you think!

Reach out, I’ll be there!