Startups need more…


Startups need Email & Social, and most of them can benefit from Creative Development services too. So I encourage my beloved Startup customers to check those sections of this site as well.

Most startups need more content than they realize. Like hungry new rock bands, the amount of time and energy spent on the Name, and Mission, and Welcome Page (everybody’s favorites!) creates a kind of energy gap for the rest of it.

Below is a list of critical outputs I can help you with — presented in a proposed order for practical re-use. Here’s what I mean: your Customer FAQ may be kind of boring and it may never make a sale for you, but once you have it figured out…so many other key outputs you need can be drawn from it.

Tap me to get these outputs created quickly.  Even when you don’t know all the answers required to finish them — you will quickly learn all the questions you need to answer.  There’s big value in that alone!

  • Customer FAQ
  • How It Works / Onboarding Materials
  • Funding Presentations
  • THEE Sales Deck
  • Transactional Documents (Deal Memos, Statement of Work)
  • Employee Manual
  • Brand Style Guide (Verbal & Design)
  • Customer Success Materials

Then there’s all the cool marketing stuff:

  • Customer Value Proposition (It should be in your Sales Deck but it should also be available to your Sales and Marketing Team as a Tattoo!)
  • Conference Decks
  • Case Studies
  • Full Web Site Copy
  • Lighthouse Materials: White Papers, etc.
  • Events, Stunts, Be-Ins, Takeovers, Free Beer
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Entries 2,3,4…and Beyond!
  • Emails for Customers & Segments, Partners
  • Service Replies and Day-to-Day Communications
  • …Annnnnnd so many more!

I’ve dearly loved the startups I’ve worked for and with. Believe me: I know how you love yours!

Call me for help on any or all of these — and yes we can just talk if you like!