Katie Nulty, Red Antler


“Steve is a go-to resource for me when clients need to see more: more thought, more creativity, more wit, more empathy. He’s also an omnivorous reader, and that makes for work that feels both current and authentic. I think he hates lazy writing and clichés as much as I do.” 



Dan Smith, Epsilon


“Steve worked for me at MarketSoft and as a freelancer while I was the CMO at ClickSquared. He’s by far the best writer I’ve ever worked with.”



lin cong
Lin Cong, Tongal


“Steve has a subtle sense of humor that always leaves you with a smile. He’s never pretentious: his writing is conversational, smart, and keeps readers engaged from start to finish.”



Mark Burrel, Willow


“Steve has a mastery of language and deep understanding of industry, and an ability to conceptualize and innovate. Most of all, he really understands people: Steve’s work stands out because he knows what makes us tick.” 



Dennis Wolfe, Grammy Winning Music Executive


“It takes courage, wisdom, and a deft hand to face the blank page, and Steve has all three in abundance. From succinct corporate manifestos that crystallize a brand’s place in this world, to thoroughly researched white papers that go both wide and deep on the topic of the day, Steve delivers it all. No nuance is too subtle, and no concept too lofty. If Steve is writing your copy, you’re going to be happy with the results.”




david jauss
David Jauss, Vermont College


Ive been a creative writing teacher for more than three decades now, and I have never had a student who is more of a natural teacher than Steve Lindstrom.  He has it all: he’s intelligent, articulate, conscientious, humble, compassionate, patient, and encouraging, and he has a great sense of humor.  But most importantly, he has both a practitioner’s knowledge of the craft of writing and a born teacher’s love of conveying that knowledge to others.  I’ve learned from him, and so will you.